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Critical Analysis & Power Decisions

Decision making is vital to a manager’s and leader’s position.  And fortunately, many managers are able to make decisions.  But what happens when the situation is more complex and there are many factors involved?  What happens when tough decisions need to be made that will affect businesses and lives?  In a number of cases, the decision is made based on gut and experience – rather than following a structured way of critical analysis.  The result can be sometimes end up unfavorably and costly.

Critical Analysis and Power Decisions is a course focusing on helping managers to be more creative in exceptional collection challenges rather than just giving a standard answer. It gets the managers to find out the root cause (by themselves, or with their team, or together with the customer) and then, to think of different possible win-win solutions. The program will also help managers to think out of the box for business improvement based on changing business conditions and challenges. It also help managers to present these ideas to customers and to senior managers and stakeholders.

If you want to improve in your decision making skills, or want to enhance your decisions with a critical analysis to have a deeper picture or a broader picture into the situation, then this program is for you. 

Course Objectives

  • a structured way of analyzing issues and coming up with decisions and actionsHave

  • Understand the styles of decision making and the types of difficult problems

  • Learn a variety of analysis tools for different analysis perspectives

  • Learn how to frame the analysis, impact, and possible outcomes

  • Learn a variety of power decision-making tools – from making fast business decisions to making decisions that evaluate future and high impact

Course Duration:                     

Two days training program.


Nikao Consulting internal certification of course attendance

Target Group:                                 

Managers, Junior Managers and Senior Executives



  • Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

  • Videos

  • Exercises, Activities and Games (related to content)

  • Self-evaluation assessments

  • Brainstorming and team discussion

  • Role Playing and Presentations

  • Action planning

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