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Management 3.0

What will I learn?

The 8 Pillars of Management 3.0 

You will find these principles in Management 3.0-type companies.


The 8 Pillars

1. M3.0 Leadership Mindset - the agile business & leadership mindset, and how it is different from M1.0 and M2.0

2. Complexity Thinking - to understand Complex Adaptive Systems and the 8 Complexity Thinking Guidelines

3. Energize People - find out what really engages and motivate people and use 10 intrinsic motivators to manage your team

4. Empower Teams - delegation the M3.0 way involves delegating control and decisions based on the 7 levels of delegation

5. Align Constraints - understand goal setting the M3.0 way and how to build purpose and context into the organization

6. Develop Competence - what are the 5 building blocks of team competence and the 5 practices on individual competence

7. Grow Structures - learn how to scale your organization the agile way

8. Improve Everything - create a culture of innovation and experimentation that allows even failure to facilitate learning

Active Experiential Learning through case study discussions and simulations

Are you ready to begin your journey?

Management 3.0

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