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Performance Management & Appraisals

Performance Management is a systematic process by which an organization involves its leaders, managers in coherence with its employees, to work on assessing and improving first personal and then collectively organizational effectiveness in alignment with its strategic objectives.  Performance appraisal on the other hand is a process for rating individual employees, to discuss their performance and development, as well as the support they need in their role. It’s used to both assess recent performance and focus on future objectives, opportunities and resources needed.

Many complaints in organizations are a lack of competency and awareness in this area – resulting in certain managers being too “kind” or too “strict”, being “biased” towards employees or different departments having different levels of appraising staff.  Many Performance Appraisals do not result in performance improvement – but instead, a dreaded exercise that individuals must go through to prove their merit and claim their bonus.

This program will equip and enable managers to master the art and skill of performance management by teaching them how to objectively set goals, KPI’s, KRA’s and Performance Factors, as well as how to objectively appraise and help their staff go to the next level.

Course Duration: Two day training program.


Certification: Nikao Consulting internal certification

Target Group: Managers, Senior Managers


  • Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

  • Videos

  • Exercises, Activities and Games (related to content)

  • Self-evaluation assessments

  • Systems and policy creation

  • Observation and Coaching

  • Brainstorming and team discussion

  • Problem solving practices

  • Action planning


Course Objectives:                                 

  • To understand Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

  • To know how to design objective performance oriented KPI’s and KRA’s

  • To know and be able to design objective performance factors and leadership competencies require for successful job role

  • To be able to objectively appraise an individual’s performance

  • To understand and know how to do Performance Calibrations

  • To know how to conduct Performance Conversations

  • To know how to improve performance through setting clear Individual Development Plans

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