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Mindfulness at Work

Is your brain full?  Full with all the things associated with living a high-pressure, fast-paced, demanding life?  That’s not necessarily bad in itself.  But would you like to discover another way of working and being that not only frees up brain capacity, but makes you more effective, more creative, less stressed – and also probably more kind?

Mindfulness can be thought of as a tool for enhancing sustainable performance, while performing at the highest level, but without sacrificing well-being and balance in life.  Initially thought of as “fluffy” but the results can be amazing as proven by certain teams and organizations practicing mindfulness.  Improvement in focus, increases in effective prioritization, decreases in unproductive multitasking, improvement in sleep quality, better memory, less mental tiredness and stress.

Simply put, mindfulness means trained attention – and applying it at work and in life can yield interesting and great benefits.

Course Duration: Two day training program.


Certification: Nikao Consulting internal certification

Target Group: Managers, Senior Managers, Heads of Departments


  • Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

  • Videos

  • Exercises, Activities and Games (related to content)

  • Self-evaluation assessments

  • Brainstorming and team discussion

  • Role Playing and Presentations

  • Action planning


Course Objectives:                                 

  • Able to perform more effectively and efficiently and get more results through Mindfulness techniques and practices

  • To understand what is Mindfulness

  • To learn strategies and practices of Mindfulness

  • To learn how to use principles of Mindfulness at work – managing emails, meetings, leading change

  • Improve communication between colleagues, bosses, stakeholders and customers through mindfulness

  • To live a better life in family, work life balance, stress management

  • To lead the organization and team better through principles of Mindfulness

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