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The Leadership Challenge

Today the need for great leaders is in demand.  We have leaders by title, but not necessarily great leaders by competence.  In governments, in organizations, in communities and at homes.  There is a void of leaders and a great Leadership Challenge for those in positions of responsibility and power.

Leaders get people moving.  They energize and mobilize.  They take people and organizations to places they have never been before.  But many leaders fall short of those demands because they don’t know what to do and how to do it.  What are the practices of great leadership?   A leader’s key role is to

  1. Model the Way

  2. Inspire a Shared Vision

  3. Challenge Processes

  4. Enable Others to Act

  5. Encourage the Heart

Based on the work and research done by James Kouzes and Barry Posner that is proven over 25 years to be timeless, this program will teach and train you to acquire the competencies of a great leader.

Course Duration: Two day training program.


Certification: Nikao Consulting internal certification

Target Group: Managers, Senior Managers, Heads of Departments


  • Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

  • Videos

  • Exercises, Activities and Games (related to content)

  • Self-evaluation assessments

  • Systems and policy creation

  • Observation and Coaching

  • Brainstorming and team discussion

  • Problem solving practices

  • Action planning


Course Objectives:                                 

  • To understand and practice the 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership

  • To clarify, exemplify, enforce corporate values important for success of the organization and department

  • To think strategically and to focus the organization and department through a clear and inspiring tactical goal that will create change and competitive advantage

  • To execute strategic change and manage execution to accomplishment of goals

  • To recommend new ideas and changes that improve on existing practices

  • To create an empowering team of leaders and champions of change

  • To build a world-class organization and world-class cultures

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