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What is a Leadership Retreat?  It is an away-day for leaders of the company to learn new business and leadership principles, to plan strategies and next goals, to build and foster more stronger leadership ties, to fix problems, to learn about oneself more and to have fun and teambuilding all in one.


We will plan, design and customize leadership retreat program based on your organizational and leadership development need.


Examples of  Leadership Retreats we have conducted: 

  • Customer Service Excellence
    Understand what it really means to have a customer service excellence culture.  What do customers really think of your business and brand now?

  • Engaging the Vision
    How do we create a Super Team that engages the Vision?  What does it mean to really engage the vision across the organization?

  • GE Workout
    How does GE (General Electric) create a highly energized lean culture that cuts through beuracracy and executes high-impact projects every 90 days?

  • miniMBA Economics
    Do we know how the market affects our business? What products are elastic and what products are not elastic? How can we apply principles of economics to our business?

  • Strategy Maps & Balanced Scorecard
    How do all the different and various initiatives in the organization fit into one strategic whole?  How do you measure the success of all these initiatives?

  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
    Do teams lack accountability or withhold information?  is a culture of ownership weak? Is there lack of trust and commitment, especially in interdeparmental initiatives?

  • The 5 BE Culture
    What do we want our company to look like in five years? What would be the characteristics of our culture, systems, structure and organizational values?

  • Unleashing the Leader Within
    What are the 5 keys to unleashing the leader within?  Why do some leaders get results and some leaders engage followers?

  • Zero Percent Error
    When quality affects the business and the brand then you need zero percent error.  It is often the structure and roles that cause errors.  This program helps sort it out.

Course Duration:  Two to three days brainstorming + training program + team building program


Certification: Nikao Consulting internal certification


Target Group: Senior level Managers, Department heads



  • Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

  • Action planning

  • Brainstorming and team discussion and mapping

  • Case Studies

  • Presentations and positive feedback / critique for improvement

  • Project Teams

  • Lectures 

  • Games and Teambuilding activities

24 things you'll do on this leadership retreats                        

  1. Create new visual maps

  2. Appreciation of each other and closer bonding

  3. Personal and leadership development

  4. Fashion a strategic plan for your growth

  5. Learn and practice the art of coaching

  6. Learn to use mind enliveners and intuition enhancers

  7. Reflect on personal and collective values

  8. Explore new business and leadership ideas

  9. Focus on your core competencies and strength

  10. Examine priorities and perceptions

  11. Relearn the art of listening

  12. Learn to receive and give feedback

  13. Learn about your teamwork inclinations

  14. Engage in building trust

  15. Ask new questions and begin new conversations

  16. Discover the freedom of pushing the envelop and thinking outside the box

  17. Engage in one-on-one exercises and specific scenario work for small and larger groups.

  18. Play energizing games

  19. Enjoy and have fun

  20. Journal

  21. Take in new perceptions and awareness

  22. Go on experiential adventures

  23. Practice facilitative methodologies

  24. Celebrate together

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