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Leadership SPARK



Do you have a strong sense of purpose? Can you write down your personal purpose statement in a single sentence or two?

An article from Harvard Business Review points out that “fewer than 20 percent of leaders have a strong sense of their own individual purpose. Even fewer can distill their purpose into a concrete purpose statement.” Very few of us think about purpose, yet having a clear sense of it is directly associated with enhanced performance and overall success.

Leaders with SPARK ignite their lives and those around them.  What is Leadership SPARK?  Here are 5 Key Attributes of Leadership SPARK.

1. Passion - go for it

2. Listen and learn – is the most consistent and guaranteed

     way to growth

3. Teamwork - it takes a strong and caring team

4. Accountability - passion without accountability is dangerous

5. Purpose - make a positive difference in the lives around you


This program will explore these 5 attributes and help you acquire your leadership SPARK.


1. INTRODUCTION - To understand why leadership spark is

    important, and what is leadership spark

2. PASSION - To acquire a "go for it" mindset, create positivity,

     and have a resilient spirit

3. LISTEN AND LEARN - To learn how to listen actively to

    others and create a culture of growth.

4. TEAMWORK - To build a synergetic team through clarifying

    of roles, how to foster collaboration and empathy towards

    one another.

5.  ACCOUNTABILITY - To learn the principles of trust and

     how to hold yourself as well as your team accountable

6.  PURPOSE - To understand how to use purpose, motivation,

      and potential to make a positive difference in the lives of

      people and the organization.


One and a half day training program.(max 25 pax)


Nikao Consulting internal certification


Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders

Team members


Active Lecturing


Exercises, Activities

Systems and processes

Brainstorming and team discussion

Problem-solving practices


Action planning

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