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Succession Blueprint

- Key Positions and Crafting Success Profiles

What is Succession Planning and Why is it Important?


Despite your best retention efforts, people in critical roles will inevitably leave. Therefore, succession planning is vital to minimize gaps in leadership positions.

But succession planning is more than simply bridging the gap between open roles and leadership positions. In many ways, succession planning is about leadership development to make sure your workforce can reach its fullest potential. Employee development and succession planning go hand-in-hand. At its core, it’s about investing in people that’ll help to lead your business to its full potential.

Succession planning is the process of preparing employees to assume new roles in your organization when they become available.

Filling your talent pipeline with a succession planning process has the following benefits:

1.Smooth Transition (if needed)

2.Talent Retention

3.Risk Mitigation

4.Strategic Alignment (of Leadership Development to Company Goals)

5.Increased Morale and Motivation (of High-Potentials)



1.  What is succession planning – an overview

2.  Identifying critical positions for succession planning.

3.  Criteria for determining critical positions - vulnerability

      and impact assessments.

4.  Methods for constructing success profiles

5.  Methods for competency mapping and crafting behavioral



One-day training program (up to 25 pax).


Nikao Consulting internal certification of course attendance


Senior Managers, Heads of Departments,

General Managers, HR Managers


RM 6,000 for a 1-day course (physical) *

* Cost for travel and accommodation (Outside Klang Valley) not included in the above course investment


Active Lecturing, Accelerated Learning techniques

Exercises, Activities and Games (related to content)


Systems and processes

Presentations and Coaching

Preparation for presentation

Brainstorming and team discussion

Presentation simulations & role-plays

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