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Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?   


Business coaching is a co-creation between the business “owner” (director, CEO, senior management) and a business coach, to take the business to the next level. 


The business coach’s role is to assist, guide, be a sounding board, consultant, resource channel to coach the business owner by crystalizing and clarifying the next strategic imperative and change initiatives that need to happen to move upwards.

7 Reasons Why I Need A Business Coach

1. Masterminding for Breakthroughs

Two heads are better than one, especially one with a neutral external perspective with alternative perspectives - neutral of organizational subcultures - to mastermind ideas for change and improvement.

2. Plethora of ideas

A coach with experience of different industries and business ideas will be able to add to the business owners internal experiences and personal goals to come out with novel and relevant strategies.

3. A roadmap to reaching the goal

Creating breakthroughs require a new roadmap (or the objective would already been reached).  Complexity of change requires the roadmaps been readjusted when obstacles unforseen or when results didn't materialize.  The coach's job is also to stay the course.

4. Personal Confidant

A coach's role is also to be an advisor and counsellor.  Oftentimes, few things stand in isolation - especially one that requires huge change.  A coach can be an external confidant to help solve problems that the business owner cannot reveal to people in the organization.

5. Building confidence

During the journey, sometimes a sense of overwhelming circumstances or discouragement can create lack of confidence.  The coach's role in this sense is to strengthen leadership confidence to push through and break through.

6. A fellow executor


The change initiative may require a driver or executor to train and coach other managers or key drivers in the organization.  This could be a role that the 'business owner' may not have time for.  The coach can be a co-project manager, trainer and coach to the team.


7. Staying Accountable to Change


One of the biggest obstacles to change initiatives is the change drag caused by cognitive mindsets, operational and day to day issues.  Focused accountability is vital to drive change.

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