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Roadmap to Success

Many people are unsatisfied with their lives and even sometimes their careers because they do not have a roadmap for success, or their roadmap is wrong.  You may recognize some common traits:

Mr. A is wondering why his career is not taking off anywhere.  His friends seem to be progressing.  He is doing his job, whatever is given to him, and yet he is not moving forward.  He blames his boss and the company.  No one notices him.  No one appreciates him.  He moves to another company.  There is a temporary jump and then everything stops again.  The problem is not with blaming others.  The obstruction is have you become a person of value yourself.  Have you taken responsibility and ownership to be all you can be?

Ms. B is a high-flyer.  She gets a good salary and achieves many.  Yet day by day she is empty.  She doesn’t admit it to others, but she doesn’t really like her job.  It is frustrating personally and demotivating.  Her family life is suffering.  To many of her friends she is successful, but deep inside she doesn’t see herself as successful.

The roadmap to success is not determined by others but by understanding ourselves, and then taking ownership and responsibility to grow ourselves to all we can be – helping the organization, helping our family and friends, and helping ourselves.

Take charge of your roadmap to success and live a life of significance.

Course Duration: One day training program.


Certification: Nikao Consulting internal certification 

Target Group: Executives, Senior executives and Managers


Workshop Objectives:

  • To understand the right picture or definition of success

  • Understanding your job and life fit from your talents and strengths and interests

  • Knowing your purpose and direction in your career and life

  • To improve and master the attitude to succeed in your life’s goals

  • To create a roadmap towards achieving your goals in life and career

  • To learn how  to find help and support and development in your success path

  • To know what to do to handle the obstacles that deter from success

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