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An Organizational Development project with Nikao Consulting to ensure businesses run smoothly after key employees retire, and a strategy for passing leadership roles to the next level of succession
Similing Team

Building a pipeline of successors for key positions

Begin by identifying key (management, technical and network) positions for succession planning
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Creating a competency map of key positions

Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Talent Audit

Identify high-potentials for successors by auditing employees' performance, potential, and competencies against success profiles of key positions
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Leadership Development and Projects

Equipping high-potential with training, and projects for upskilling, knowledge transfer, and testing

Succession Planning Phases

Creating a Pipeline of Talents through a structured Organizational Development Process

Phase 1. Determine
Key Positions

Phase 2. Defining Competencies and Success Profiles

Phase 3. Talent Audit 
and Gap Analysis

Phase 4. Training and Development, Talent Projects

Phase 5. Evaluating Effectiveness of High-Potential and the Program

Phase 6. Succession Planning Documentation

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