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How To Run Engaging and Effective Meetings

Welcome to our comprehensive training program designed to empower you with the essential skills to lead effective and engaging meetings. In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to conduct meetings that are not only productive but also captivating is a crucial aspect of leadership.


Whether you're a seasoned manager or aspiring leader, our course offers a deep dive into the fundamentals of meetings, alongside invaluable tips and hacks to elevate your meeting facilitation skills to the next level. From mastering the art of leading discussions to ensuring clear action items, we provide you with the tools and strategies needed to transform your meetings into dynamic and results-driven sessions.



1. To understand the fundamentals of what meetings are

2. To learn key tips and hacks to conduct effective meetings

3. To learn how to run discussions in meetings

4. To learn how to ensure meetings are action-oriented and


5. To learn the key components of running formal meetings

6. To understand how to handle difficult situations in


7. To learn how to manage meetings when there are different

     interests or agendas

8. To understand the new normal of online and hybrid

     meetings and how to manage them.


One days training program.(max 25 pax)



Nikao Consulting internal certification of course attendance



Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders



RM 6,000 for a 1-day course (physical, face-to-face)

RM 5,000 for a 1-day course (online)



Active Lecturing

Videos Exercises,

Activities Systems and processes

Observation and Coaching B

rainstorming and team discussion

Problem-solving practices


Role play Action planning

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