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Fundamentals of Design Thinking

A Nikao Consulting
Public Program

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Dive into the fundamentals of Design Thinking, explore empathy and user research techniques, and define clear problem statements.

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Unleash creativity through ideation, crafting tangible prototypes, and get user feedback.


  1. Understand the core principles and stages of Design Thinking.

  2. Develop skills in empathy and ethnographic research to deeply understand user needs.

  3. Define clear problem statements using personas and storytelling techniques.

  4. Generate innovative ideas through various ideation techniques and creative frameworks.

  5. Create low-fidelity prototypes and learn methods for effective prototyping.

  6. Test and refine prototypes based on user feedback and iterative processes.

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Design Thinknig

Module 1

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Design Challenge

Module 2

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Module 3

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Module 4

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Module 5

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Module 6

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Module 7

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Iterate Improve

Module 8

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Recommended for:

  • Business Leaders and Managers

  • Product Managers and Developers

  • Designers and UX/UI Specialists

  • Marketing and Sales Professionals

  • Human Resources Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders

  • Consultants and Analysts

  • Educators and Trainers

  • Anyone Interested in Innovation

Public Program Training Date

5th - 6th August 2024

This two-day interactive Design Thinking workshop equips participants with the skills to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test innovative solutions, using collaborative tools and hands-on activities to address real-world challenges.

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