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Public Program

Presentation and Public Speaking

Business Presentation with Headset

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills refer to the abilities required to effectively plan, structure, and deliver content to an audience in a clear, engaging, and persuasive manner.


These skills encompass various aspects such as creating compelling presentations, using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, managing nervousness, and interacting with the audience.


  1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze the audience's requirements and expectations

  2. Create a well-structured outline for a presentation

  3. Apply presentation and public speaking techniques to enhance the clarity of the message

  4. Develop compelling hooks to engage the audience

  5. Incorporate storytelling and visual aids into presentations.

  6. Enhance verbal communication skills, including tone and pace.

  7. Understand the role of non-verbal communication in presentations.

  8. Apply strategies to overcome nervousness and deliver a confident presentation.

Game Over
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Creating a Structure

Module 1

Speaking at Seminar

Delivering Your Presentation

Module 2

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Advanced Speaking Tips

Module 3

Speaking Event

Your Final Presentation

Module 4

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Recommended for:

  • Business Executives and Managers

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals

  • Educators and Trainers

  • Project Managers

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders

  • Public Relations and Communications Specialists

  • Anyone Looking to Improve Their Public Speaking Skills

Month of January

Public Program Training Date

9th August 2024


The course is structured into four comprehensive modules, each focusing on critical aspects of presentation and public speaking skills, from initial preparation to final delivery and continuous improvement. By the end of the training, participants will have the tools and confidence to deliver professional and persuasive presentations.

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